Industrial Gases (IG)

GREENFIELD has supplied high-pressure compressors and compression systems to hundreds of customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, including all of the major industrial gas companies.

For a wide range of gases:

- Helium
- Hydrogen
- Nitrogen
- Argon, Xenon, Neon
- Air, including
   breathing air (oilfree)
- Natural gas and other
   hydrocarbon gases
- Nitrous oxide
- Carbon mono-/dioxide
- and more

For use in the following applications:

- Gas production plants -
   feed and product gas
- Cylinder filling
- Offshore, Oil and Gas
- Marine and defence industry
- Fertilisers production
- Chemical/Petrochemical industry
- Purifi cation/Recovery systems
- Gas blanketing
- Inert gas systems
- Air-blast circuit breakers
- Electronics production
- Enhanced oil recovery
- and more

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